Friday, April 14, 2006

Drunken Boating Accident in Orange County Gator infested Lake

A drunk man is left for dead in a chilly Orange County lake. Authorities say a boating accident sent a man overboard. He stayed in the water for more than an hour, while his friend tried to get away from deputies.

"As intoxicated as he was, he definitely couldn't swim."

The 28-year-old man spent ninety minutes in the cold, gator-filled Lake Tibet Butler. Sheriff's Commander Bruce McMullen says he ended up there after his drunk friend drove a boat into a dock, then into a tree, knocking him overboard.

"Once we arrived...the young man operating the boat appeared to flee from the helicopter."

Finally, rescuers pulled the man out of the water. Deputies caught the driver at his Bay Point Subdivision home. He's facing a charge of driving a boat while drunk.

"Too much alcohol. As we all know, alcohol and boating don't mix."

The stranded man suffered minor injuries, and possible hypothermia.


Wow…..and people wonder why the laws are getting tougher?


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