Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Barge Accident Victim Denied Jones Act Claim - No Seaman's Status

This legal analysis is from Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer Blog. The blog post is on seaman's status.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Coast Guard Hearing Continues on Mel Oliver Collision in New Orleans

Jan Stefan Bjarve, the Captain of the Tintomara(the tanker involved in the crash) blames the tug boat. In his testimony about the collision, he said the trip up the river was a fairly routine one, then he saw the Mel Oliver (the tug boat) coming across his path. Bjarve said he could see the Mel Oliver Coming vary close, and that its speed was increasing. It was determined earlier by the Coast Guard that an unlicensed apprentice steersman was at the controls of the Mel Oliver at the time of the accident. The apprentice steersman is essentially someone with a maritime learner’s permit. A tape was played of the Tintomara’s radio call trying to alert the Mel Oliver. Click Here

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Disney motto helped dad, autistic son survive at sea

Lost at sea with nothing to hold onto amid a dreadful darkness, Florida resident Walter Marino continually called out some of the few words his 12-year-old autistic son Christopher responds to. The pair, swept out in a late-afternoon current near Daytona Beach, had been treading water in shark- and jellyfish-infested waters throughout the night, slowly floating apart. “I’d be screaming, ‘To infinity ... and beyond!’ ”

Obama pledges Jones Act support

September 8, 2008 Obama pledges Jones Act support Democratic Party presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama has given a clear and unambiguous commitment to the Jones Act, the Maritime Security Program and U.S. Cargo Preference laws. It comes in the form of a letter to Michael Sacco, President of the Seafarers International Union which has endorsed Senator Obama for President. In his letter, Senator Obama says "America needs a strong and vibrant U.S.-Flag Merchant Marine. That is why you and your members can continue to count on me to support the Jones Act (which also includes the Passenger Vessel Services Act) and the continued exclusion of maritime services in international trade agreements ..." "To make sure our Armed Forces have the equipment and ammunition they need at the time the materiel are required, my Administration will solidly support the continuation of the Maritime Security Program ..." "A strong U.S.-Flag commercial fleet needs our nation's Cargo Preference laws. Whether it is carrying needed goods to those overseas in distress or moving government-generated cargo, American Mariners aboard American ships make sure the job is done." You can read the letter HERE

Friday, September 05, 2008

Deceased worker's family files asbestos, Jones Act suit against 13 companies

At the age of 75, George Greer, Sr. allegedly died from mesothelioma. His family is holding more than a dozen companies accountable for his exposure to asbestos and death and has filed a suit on his behalf. As the representative of Greer's estate, Rosia Greer filed the suit against Chevron USA and 12 other companies in Jefferson County District Court on Aug. 28. Court documents show that Greer was employed by various defendant companies from 1960 through the 1980s. He also worked as a seaman during that time span, allowing his family to sue under the Jones Act. "During the period of his employment by the Defendants, Decedent was exposed to asbestos and/or asbestos-containing products and, as a result, he has sustained severe and permanent personal injuries and damages in the form of mesothelioma, a disease from which he died from," the suit says.