Thursday, April 06, 2006

Boat and Serve Your Country at the Same Time

Times…they are a changing.  I have posted a fair amount of stuff on homeland security.  In those posts there were discussions about the limitations of the Coast Guard due to low budgets and lack of people. 

The Coast Guard has a new program wherein they are asking for the public’s help with homeland security.  It it is a good idea and one that is a must given the limitations of the Coast Guard.  If you care you should write your Congressperson and ask that they support an increase in the Coast Guard’s budget as we need them.

This new program is called America’s Waterway Watch.  The program allows all of us to serve our Country while enjoying our favorite pastime of boating.

In the site the Coast Guard says this:

America's Waterway Watch is similar to the Coast Watch program of World War II, which caused the early growth of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, a group of citizen-volunteers who were mobilized as a uniformed, civilian component of the Coast Guard to scan the coast for U-boats and saboteurs attempting to infiltrate the shores of the United States. Today, America's Waterway Watch goes one step further: It calls on ordinary citizens like you -  who spend much of their on and around America's waterways - to assist in the War on Terrorism on the Domestic Front.

The Coast Guard explains why they need your help:

The enemy this nation faces today is unlike any other in our history. The operatives who may be attempting to enter the United States via our waterfront areas, whether as stowaways on ships entering our ports or on pleasure craft entering our marinas, do not wear a uniform or carry arms openly. They have chosen to attack us using unconventional warfare, and we  must be prepared to report events such as people entering our country illegally along the hundreds of miles of coastline, and people preparing to attack our critical infrastructure. America's Waterway Watch calls on all port and waterfront users to report suspicious activity in and around the area where they live, work and play. Photo: Looking Out



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