Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Psychology of a hit and run boater...What makes them tick?

What is it that makes a boater hit and run? Is it merely an initial bad reaction to doing something wrong?? What motivates them to run and hide. Is it fear or shame? Is it a lack of the desire to right the right thing or is it a matter of weighing the risks and benefits? One could understand that if someone were intoxicated that it might make them act irrationally, initially. But one would also think that the next day that a good person who made bad mistakes and judgments would decide to right their wrong. Certainly, one would believe that if there were others on the boat that hit and ran from the fatal boating accident involving Michael Brosnahan that they would want to come forward and make this right at this point. It seems that things can only get worse for those involved and with knowledge if they do not come forward and explain what happened. Help this family have some closure. Come forward and explain yourselves... Dwayne Clark

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