Monday, August 22, 2005

Lake Okojobi Residents are Shaken Up-Brosnahan Hit and run killer still out there-

Boat Seized in Deadly Hit & Run Some visitors at West Lake Okoboji are still shaken up thinking about the deadly boating accident that killed Mike Brosnahan and seriously hurt his wife, Jill. Authorities say no one has confessed to the hit and run. That's disturbing news to two friends on the lake throwing out a line. Chad Ellis of St. Cloud, Minnesota, says, "It's an accident, just tell then what happened, it happens." Jesse Lockhart of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota, says, "I hope they don't get away with it, like he said it was an accident, they should turn themselves in." While the boys wait for a bite, they are keeping watch on the nearby boats hoping something will match the police description. Lockhart says, "I've just kind of watching for that, I haven't seen anything red but there's a lot of boats out there so it's a lot to keep an eye out for." But thanks to a lot of help from neighbors on the lake, the DNR may have already found the boat. The Dickinson County Sheriff says a boat was seized Friday night and will be used by experts to reconstruct the accident scene to determine if it is in fact the same boat involved in the deadly accident. The break in the case is a relief to many in the area. Mark Schimmelphennig of Rochester, Minnesota, says, "Good to hear, because I was afraid whoever did it could have gotten that boat off the lake and long gone, they'd never find it." A couple of suspects are being sought, but the sheriff says so far no arrests have been made. The sheriff says they've received more than 100 calls from people on the waters who spotted similar descriptions of the boat. He says all of the tips were appreciated. More information will be released Monday about the progress of the investigation. Right now authorities say they're busy interviewing people who may have been involved that night. By Angel Albert

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