Saturday, August 20, 2005

Boating Accident Deaths - Hit and Run - Boating Under the Influence - Pain of the families - Help them -

We have posted many cases where children and the elderly have been victims of boating accidents or crimes. These deaths seem, and are in fact, senseless. We encourgage anyone who has had a loved one killed or severely injured on the water to post a commnent on this blog or send a picture of your loved one to We think that pictures speak a thousand words and our hope is that posting of comments or pictures may deter someone from making a terrrible mistake or committing a crime on the water that may forever change lives. If people appreciate the risks on the water, of which there are many, maybe they will boat more safely. The recent cases of Michael Brosnahan and the little girl in New York killed by an alleged drunk boater remind us of how the water and boating can be very unforgiving. Be safe on the water. Don't drink and boat. If you wrongfully hurt someone on the water take responsibility for your actions. If you have lost someone on the water we are sorry for your loss. Have a safe boating weekend. Dwayne Clark

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