Sunday, August 21, 2005

West Lake Okoboji-Michael Brosnahan-Hit and Run Boating Incident

A little time has passed since this hit and run boating incident. Time passage has not healed the family. They are surely still suffering. If you know about this incident don't think that time will ever completely heal these wounds. The trail of (some) evidence is still there. Help Michael Brosnahan's family and come forward so that they can have their answers and move on. If you know the hit and run boater he or she may let their guard down. They may show signs of injury or stress. They make act different. They may be distracted or moody. The authorities will not let this go. Time will not make this go away. Those involved should come forward. The public should remain vigilant and bring this hit and run boater(s) to justice. If you know about this incident do the right thing. Clear your conscience and get on with your life too. Help this family and the boating community on West Lake Okoboji. The lake has changed and will not calm until this mystery is solved. Dwayne Clark

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