Saturday, August 27, 2005

ALCOHOL, high speeds and big boats....Chemistry for disaster on Okoboji and Smith Mountain Lake..

In the Okoboji hit and run and the Smith Mountain Lake crash that collectively killed three people and a dog there are common allegations of alcohol use, high speeds and big boats at night. Some folks on both lakes are calling for more safety legislation. Many consider boating as one of the last American frontiers for freedom from legislation. At times the lakes in this Country resemble demolition derbies and killing fields. There are many good safe boaters but there are also an alarming number of careless boaters who recklessly imperil the lives of others in "road rage" like acts at ramps and on the water. On a national level it looks like there will be more legislation to come as the numbers and size of boats increase with the use of high speeds, alcohol use and night time operation. If boaters won't discipline themselves the authorities will. High speed operation of boats at night with the use of alcohol kills.....period.

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