Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Bloglines - Reward goes up in hit and run boating accident

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Reward goes up in hit and run boating accident

By Dwayne Clark

Reward money in hit and run case. In less than 5 hours the reward money tripled. At this point the authorities remain empty handed. I believe that someone reading the news reports and internet either knows about this case or is suspicious. It is unlikely that the hit and run boater was either boating alone or knows no one who has some idea he was involved. If you have any information regarding this case you should come forward. The family that lost their loved one will not be able to have closure until this case is solved. If by chance you are the boater who is responsible you should do the right thing. It remains possible that this was just a tragic accident but leaving the scene is not the right thing to do. Anyone with knowledge should come forward and help this family who has lost a loved one on the water. Dwayne Clark

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