Monday, July 07, 2008

Anthony Tufo - Court officer is lost in fall from boat

By Peter Schworm Globe Staff / July 5, 2008 When a prisoner broke free and tried to flee Quincy District Court this spring, court officer Anthony Tufo immediately took off in pursuit. He chased the escapee down the courthouse stairs, then dove headlong to tackle him, crashing into a glass window in his attempt.The prisoner was quickly apprehended, and Tufo was rushed to the emergency room with lacerations on his head and face. Despite his injuries, he returned to work that same day. Tufo, 60, of Quincy, who is married with children, was the target of a massive search yesterday in Boston Harbor after he reportedly fell out of a 34-foot motorboat Thursday evening. Co-workers said he was just as devoted to his friends and family as he was to his job.


Don James said...

I am shocked to find out that Tony is gone, it leavs me woundering and confused. I truly think there is much more to this. It must be invegestated.

I have been having a problem with a Quincy police officer since March 17th, have been at the QDC often since then. I was handled by Tony, found him to be consicerate, not only to me, but actual others who were really criminals. I rember admireing him and his integrity. The Quincy police and court have lost a vey special Man!

Don James, Quincy, MA

Anonymous said...

WELCOME HOME UNCLE ANTHONY.I will miss you forever and a day. You were always my super hero and you will hold a very special place in my heart.Thank you everyone for all your prayers, they were answered.We can now put this wonderful man to rest as he deserves it. Maria