Sunday, March 19, 2006

Shoeleaces, Lifejackets and Cold Water - Boat Accident Survivors tell Story of How Firefighters Died at Sea

I post way too many stories of people dying needlessly in the winter on boats.
These men had their lifejackets but apparently did not appreciate the danger of the cold water. The jackets were not enough to save them. They were 5 miles offshore on an 18 foot boat with 6 men. It appears that the boat may have been overloaded. They were men that drilled safety for a living.
One must always think: What if I end up in that water? What can I do to survive? The lifejackets were there. That was a good start. They got them on and that was good too... Still this was not enough.
Cold water equals quick and almost certain death. So many people underestimate how dangerous it is. If the water were on fire then you can imagine that people would say: "I don't want to end up in there." Cold water is just as dangerous as water with a burning liquid on it.
Boats give those on them a false sense of security. I think you must assume that your craft will fail on each trip and then plan against that failure. Boats and boating can be fun but this case demonstrates how dangerous it can be: Even for men trained in safety.....
It was a miracle that the shoestring and lifejackets saved the two that survived.
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