Thursday, March 30, 2006

Parties Accused in Tragic N.Y. Boat Capsizing Deny Negligence - Ethan Allen Lawsuit -

Defendants accused in the overturning of a boat that killed 20 elderly tourists last year on an Adirondack lake in New York argued in court papers they weren't at fault and the accident was caused by events beyond their control.

The comments to the linked article (at the end) are rather colorful and strong in respect to the pending lawsuit and the merits of that suit.  What do you think?  Is the suit frivolous or not?

One lawyer was quoted as saying:

"Everybody wants to blame someone else, including the Good Lord and the USA.,'' said attorney James Hacker, who sued Nov. 10 on behalf of Viola Urbaniak's family, claiming negligence killed her. "Both of which I can tell you weren't there that day.''

Attorneys for Shoreline Cruises and Captain Richard Paris deny any negligence, pointing instead to "an unforeseeable sudden emergency'' or to "an act of God.''

The NTSB has not issued its final report.


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