Saturday, November 19, 2005

What should this blog be??

This blog has largely been a news blog. Many of the stories are borrowed from mainstream news outlets. Also I post a fair number of pictures and other stories. I do not generate much of the material personally but cut and paste, so to speak. I can tell from the site meter that there are regular readers who come back to this blog. It is rare for me to write much or for there to be many comments posted. Some blogs get a lot of editorial work from the blog publisher and from readers. I am curious whether this blog that has had a fairly short life is doing what it should for the regular readers or passing guest. If you read this blog please let me know if we are doing what you like, want and need from this type of blog. If there are changes that I can make to enhance its appeal or usefulness I am happy to try. One major goal is to have an informative blog that people enjoy and can have fun with. I hope that I am to some degree accomplishing this goal. Let me know what you think if you are inclined. Give me some feedback good or bad. I am a big boy and can take some constructive criticism if you have some. Have a nice day and weekend and thanks for visiting our blog!! Dwayne Clark

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