Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Bloglines - Project Athena Maritime Domain Awareness System

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Project Athena Maritime Domain Awareness System

By Neo

Portsmouth’s Raytheon unveils port security system
By Justin Sayles, Staff Writer

It looked like Sept. 11 with ships.

Four Syrian vessels were all headed to different parts of the United States with similar estimated docking times. Their arrival was unanticipated and they were all suspected of wanting to carry out some type of attack on America.

However, unlike the 9/11 terrorist attacks, officials in the threat simulation had the capabilities to put out alerts before it was too late.

The scenario was part of a demonstration last week of the Project Athena Maritime Domain Awareness System, a surveillance and reconnaissance system developed by defense system supplier Raytheon to, among other things, keep the nation’s ports safer after Sept. 11.

Developed at the company’s Naval Integration Center facility in Portsmouth for less than $10 million, the system integrates various sensors and data sources, giving it the capability to monitor ports and shorelines on an international basis.

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