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Google this!

By Jacqueline Dowd

Not using Google cost an Indiana man his chance to sue the man he blamed for an automobile crash.

Apparently the only thing the plaintiff, David Munster, did to try to serve Joe Groce was to send the summons by certified mail. But the letter was returned, marked “attempted not known.”

The Indiana Court of Appeals ruled that Munster had not made enough of an effort to locate Groce. He hadn’t searched the public records or used a “skip-trace” service. And the court itself discovered, by entering “Joe Groce Indiana” into the Google search engine, a different address for Groce and an obituary for his mother that listed numerous surviving relatives who might have known his whereabouts.

The case is Munster v. Groce, ___ N.E.2d ___, 2005 WL 1364662, at n.3 (Ind. App. June 8, 2005). Read the court opinion here.

Thanks to A Georgia Lawyer for pointing this out.

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