Thursday, June 16, 2005

Modern Day Pirates??

This is some story...... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ‘Crewman tipped off pirates’ LANGKAWI, June 15: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The attempted hijack of a tanker here yesterday had all the signs of insider help. A senior officer of the 17-member crew of the Malaysian vessel Neptune Delima is believed to have provided information via the short messaging service (SMS) to the 10-member gang of Indonesian pirates moments before they stormed the tanker. The tanker, laden with 6,300 tonnes of diesel worth RM12 million, had left Singapore on Sunday and was headed for Myanmar when it was attacked near Pulau Rebak Besar here about 4am. The 35-year-old officer was said to have provided the pirates with information on the exact location of the vessel and conditions aboard. He has since been detained for investigations along with a 32-year-old Indonesian crew member, who was detained by police on board the vessel at 5.30pm today. A source said today that preliminary investigations by the police also showed that the officer, who was picked up earlier, was not roughed up although most of the other crew members were assaulted and verbally abused by the pirates. At one point, the captain of the tanker, known only as "Sasongko", 44, was hit several times on the forehead with the butt of a metre-long golok (machete) for being slow to respond to the pirates’ orders to follow his crew into the officers’ mess, according to the source. HIGH ANXIETY: (Above) Mohamed showing where he hid from the pirates. (Right) Skipper Sasongko needed stitches. He added that several members of the crew also told police they could not remember if the officer was held with them in the mess. The officer was today produced before magistrate Norina Zainal Abidin and a one-day remand order obtained against him. The suspect, who appeared calm, requested and was granted time to engage a counsel. The man, who joined the tanker two months ago, will be produced in court again tomorrow with a lawyer for Norina to decide on the extension of his remand order. Details on the other suspect’s detention were not immediately available. The 10 pirates, who surrendered after a tense stand-off with marine police and commandos, were also produced before Norina, who granted a 12-day remand order against them. The pirates’ attempt to sail away with the cargo was foiled when a crew member, Mohamed Hamid, slipped away and fled in their speedboat to alert the marine police at their headquarters in Bukit Malut here. Current Rank:4.7 5-High 1-Low

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