Thursday, June 30, 2005

Bloglines - Slots Saga

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Slots Saga

By (Matt Conigliaro)

Today's Sun-Sentinel has this story on the "automatic stay" that took effect when the state's attorney appealed last week's trial court decision that, beginning July 1, Broward County's pari-mutuels are authorized to operate slot machines.

The story indicates that the pari-mutuels question "if an automatic stay should be applied in this case."

Hmmm. Well, by rule in Florida, an order is automatically stayed as to a Florida government entity or person where that entity or person appeals that order. That said, are the Broward County pari-mutuels authorized to operate slots solely by Judge Moe's order, or is there another authorization source, such as the text of this state constitutional amendment that Florida voters approved last year and the Broward County vote earlier this year approving the use of slots at Broward pari-mutuels?

Perhaps such things are just academic. The story indicates the pari-mutuels have announced they will not begin installing slots until regulations are in place. And that doesn't appear imminent.

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