Monday, August 07, 2006

Is Night Boating as Safe as Boating in the Day?? What Do You Think?

Some boaters say they wouldn't dare be on the water after dark, but there is no evidence that night boating is any more dangerous than being out during the day.

Those who favor staying out a little later say the weather is cooler and the water less crowded.

I probably enjoy being on the water at night more than in the day.  Especially when night fishing.  Here in Florida it is obviously cooler and there is less traffic. There is no doubt that a different degree of caution is required and navigation and emergency preparation is different. 

Night time accidents can be bad.  We posted an article below about a night time accident here in Jacksonville just recently.  A boater struck a mantee sign and was badly injured.  The cause of that accident is still under investigation and there may be a question of lighting.

Night boating can be fun, rewarding and safe if done correctly.


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