Monday, August 21, 2006

In Memory and Honor of BM2 Steven Duque and Lt. Jessica Hill - Coast Guard Cutter Healy - Lost Divers

BM2 Duque swears the oath on Healy’s forecastle as LT Hill administers his reenlistment.  Lt. Jessica Hill swears in Boatswain's Mate 2nd Class Steven Duque during a re-enlistment ceremony the week of July 30 on the Coast Guard polar icebreaker Healy. Both died in an accident Aug. 17 while performing dive operations. — U.S. Coast Guard












More on Duque (Fearless)and (Dedicated)

Update on Duque (the more I read about these Coasties the more I am in awe of who they were as people)

'Grant Them Fair Winds And Following Seas On Their Final Journey'

"So to Jessica and Steven," said prior CGC Healy Commanding Officer Dan Oliver, "I tell you, you are going to be missed dearly. Lord, I thank you for the opportunity to know Jessica and Steven. And watch out for our fallen shipmates."

This is an update on BM2 Duque and his memorial service. Apparently he was an extraordinary Coast Guardsman too. 

This an update (video attached) on the memorial service for Lt. Hill. Regardless of the cause of this incident, I think both families should be proud of what their loved ones gave to this Country.



Two Coast Guard divers assigned to the Seattle-based Coast Guard Cutter Healy died Thursday afternoon during a routine dive operation in the Arctic Ocean approximately 500 miles north of Barrow, Alaska.

Deceased are Lt. Jessica Hill, 30, of St. Augustine, Fla., and Petty Officer 2nd Class Steven Duque, 26, of Miami.

The victim’s next of kin have been notified and additional support services are being provided to each family, as well as Healy crewmembers.


It seems clear from reports that Hill and Duque loved their work on the Cutter Healy.

When something like this happens the sense of loss goes far and wide.   I personally spent four years in the Coast Guard.  When any member of our small service was lost it seemed to permeate the entire service.  It appears that things have not changed much as the Commandant and other high ranking officers have expressed their sorrow.

While I still served the Coast Guard Cutter Blackthorn was lost.  One of my former shipmates died on that Cutter. 

Many in “The Guard” have perished in peace and war.

May we never forget our lost shipmates and the sacrifices they made.


Dwayne Clark


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