Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Carnival Cruise Lines hopes keeping you connected to your everyday life will convince you to get away from it all.
According to a press release, Carnival plans to install new, higher-speed wireless internet service on its 101 cruise ships to enable passengers to stay in touch with work or loved ones while on vacation.
"Our smart hybrid network will not only enhance our guests' onboard experience and help our crew members keep in touch with their friends and family at home, but we believe it will also help us attract new cruisers, especially millennials who have made connectivity and social media an everyday part of their lives," Ramon Millan, Carnival’s senior vice president and global chief information officer was quoted as saying.
The service, which — according to the press release — Carnival calls “WiFi@Sea,” combines standard, shore-based wireless with, long-range, shore-based services  and satellite-connected access to keep guests connected throughout their cruise. The press release said the new system will be 10-times faster than the internet service previously offered by Carnival.
In the press release, Carnival said it plans to launch the new service this year, beginning with ships sailing in the Caribbean, before expanding to its other routes and brands over the next two years.

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