Friday, December 11, 2009

Family Sues Hundreds of Lake Shore Residents After Teen's Boating Death - Angel Diaz

MIAMI, Fla. -- There's no denying the 2007 tragedy. Fifteen-year-old Angel Diaz had been invited to go jet-skiing on E Lake in Florida's southwest Miami-Dade County. In broad daylight, Diaz crashed a SeaDoo and died. Was it a simple accident, or should someone be held responsible for the teenager's death? "The parents are now suing every single resident of E Lake," said Gene Kohly, who owns a home on the lake. That's correct. The lawsuit lists every homeowner who lives on the lake. It's five pages of names. All 202 people, it says, are responsible for Angel Diaz's death, except the homeowner who invited Angel to use the lake that day. He's not listed. "It is outrageous," Kohly said. "I was having a discussion with my neighbors and we all say, 'how can they sue us, what could we have done,' and I say, 'I don't know.' We just feel that we're being unfairly targeted for money."

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