Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Passengers Archer and Zarabozo - Under Investigation for Murder

The captain and crew of the Joe Cool appear to have been fatally shot in the cabin of the doomed fishing vessel, a federal prosecutor said Tuesday, confirming for the first time that two men found in a life raft near the abandoned boat are homicide suspects. 'They are presently under investigation for murder,' Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Gilfarb said at a bond hearing for Kirby Archer and Guillermo Zarabozo in Miami federal court, where the two were ordered held without bail. Archer, 35, of Strawberry, Ark., and Zarabozo, 19, of Hialeah, were found Sept. 24 in the Joe Cool 's life raft about 30 miles north of Cuba and 160 miles south of Bimini, where they had paid $4,000 cash to go. The Miami Beach-based Joe Cool was found several miles from the life raft, empty and in disarray.

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