Tuesday, September 25, 2007

FBI questions witnesses ( Kirby Archer and G. Zarabozo ) about 4 missing crew ( Jake Branam, wife and crew ) - Charter Boat Joe Cool Crew Missing -

MIAMI - Four crew members were missing from a boat found adrift and two passengers, one of them a fugitive from Arkansas, were being questioned by federal authorities Tuesday after they were rescued in the Florida Straits near Cuba. Kirby Logan Archer, 35, of Strawberry, Ark., and Guillermo Zarabozo, 19, of Hialeah, were found in good condition Monday morning on a life raft. Sunday, the “Joe Cool” charter boat, a 47-foot sport fishing yacht, was found adrift 160 miles south of Bimini, near the Cay Sal Bank, with no one on board.Those missing include the captain of the “Joe Cool,” 27-year old Jake Branam, his wife Kelly, 30-year old Scott Campbell and 27-year old Samuel Kairy.

"Everything on the vessel was in complete disarray, thrown around. It looked like whoever had been on the vessel left in a hurry," said U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer James Judge.He said a check of the boat's global positioning system indicated the vessel had made erratic movements about halfway to Bimini, then turned sharply south. There was no sign of blood or violence on the vessel. The life raft was missing. "I was hoping that if the boat was pirated, they put the crew in the life raft, because it was missing," said Jeff Branam. Before noon Monday, he learned that was not the case. Here's a strange twist to the mystery. The latest from the Miami Herald. UPDATE on Joe Cool missing crew from Orlando Sentinel.

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