Thursday, February 23, 2006

Terrorist Bombs in Containers? When she Blows it Won't be in the UAE!!

Would YOU trust any Country other than our own to tell you in which container the nuclear bomb is hidden? When she blows it won't be in the UAE..... This has been said about the threat:
The real concern to Americans, according to Stephen Flynn of the Council on Foreign Relations, should be the low level of security for the estimated 9 million containers that enter U.S. ports each year. Only a tiny percentage of these containers are effectively searched, according to Mr. Flynn, a former professor at the Coast Guard Academy and an expert on port security. Mr. Flynn says there is little to protect Americans from a terrorist smuggling a dirty bomb onto a container and that container exploding on a train or truck in the middle of an American city. In addition to horrific deaths from a nuclear bomb, this type of terror attack would do catastrophic economic damage when it forces the shutdown of the intermodal transportation system that provides goods to Americans. Such a shutdown would trigger plant closings, unemployment and massive economic losses. Our political leaders should not stop at asking for a closer look at security issues raised by the sale of terminal operations to Dubai Ports World. They should demand that port security nationwide become a major priority of our national defense.
See this article. Dwayne
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