Sunday, January 08, 2006

Mystery on Lake Huron - Lawyers Lost - Lana Stempien and Charles Rutherford

This is the story of a boating mystery on Lake Huron in August of 2005. Lana Stempien and Charles Rutherford two Detroit area lawyers disappeared in a mysterious boating tragedy.

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Anonymous said...

I have been going over this case with great furver. I find it utlerly disgusting how the detctives involved handled this case. I feel great compasion over the family which lost their daughter.
I hsve reviewed the numerous details and evidence in this case and have come up with some possible hupothecticals.
I think first the detectives involved with this cae be throughly investgated. Their behavior was suspicious.
Seconf I think a through investigation of the fiance should be brought to light. It is most strange that his body never surfaced. I personally believe his family is hidding something. I think he is still alive and murdered his fiance. It is sickening the type of quality put into this case. I know that some where out there an answer awaites. I will be investigating the case to the best of my ability. The truth will come out.