Monday, May 30, 2005

Two Killed One Missing in Barge Boat Collision

Two killed, one missing in boating accident on Minnesota River Star Tribune May 30, 2005 BOAT0531 A boating accident on the Minnesota River near Shakopee has left two people dead and a third missing. Witness told police that the boaters ran headlong into a barge late Sunday night. The barge had been docked into a lock at Cargill, KSTP-TV reported. The boat struck the barge's bow; the river's current was strong enough to suck the boat beneath the barge, according to media reports. Police have not recovered the boat, which may yet be lodged beneath the barge. The witnesses, a couple of fishermen, said they immediately went to the rear of the barge and found one of the boat's passengers, a woman. They told police that they pulled her from the river and tried to revive her to no avail, according to media reports. The fishermen called authorities, who began a search and rescue mission, according to a Bloomington police spokesman who spoke with media at the scene. Authorities found a missing male passenger a short time later. He was pronounced dead at the scene, police said. Police halted a search for the third boater last night after sunset. The search will resume about 10 this morning near the Shakopee and Burnsville border, according to KSTP-TV. Police told the media that the search will not be considered a rescue mission; rather, it will be considered a "recovery" mission.

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